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Opal Literary is a literary journal established in 2020 by three active creatives. Our mission is simple: to give space to emerging writers who inspire the reader to think out of the box.

Palmer Smith, Co-Founder

Palmer is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College and an incoming MFA and MA student. She has written for Refresh Magazine, The Online Journal for Person-Centered Dermatology, Sea Maven Magazine, Calm Down Magazinelevel:deepsouth and The Remington Review, with work forthcoming in The Scissortail Quarterly. Her debut book, The Butterfly Bruises, comes out this May. 

Lia Lewine, Co-Founder

Lia Lewine is an MFA student studying fiction at Rutgers-Newark. Her work has been featured in McSweeney's, Women's Health, Points in Case and elsewhere.

Habiba Warren, Co-Founder

Habiba was born in southwestern New Mexico. After completing her BA in Nonfiction Writing and French at Sarah Lawrence College, she moved to Brooklyn, where she currently resides. She works in creative marketing for TV/film and has previously published work in Pond Magazine.

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