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This Is What Happens When You Realize That Language Is A Two-Faced Proposition by ann pedone

I remember what you said about a woman’s body/that it is

an instrument/all neck but no strings /You say you want to

suck all of the holiness out of her/But you do that and

all you’ll find is grain/ You see this light leaking out from

between her legs/We don’t have a word for that yet/at least

not in this language/I know this song won’t catch anyone

by surprise/Least of all you/You there with your lips on

her neck/Not so fast/Did you hear yourself echo through her

Did you get that/Language is a Trojan Horse/That’s why you

feel so/boxed in /Remember what your mother told you

Sex doesn’t follow Newton’s laws/It is a thing formed when

memory passes from milk to blood/When all of the words

that you’ve learned /go missing up inside her/Whatever you

do/Don’t try searching for her in the word woman/You won’t

find her there.

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